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The MDR1 genetic test offered by WSU will determine if your pet has the MDR1 mutation. For dogs and cats with the MDR1 mutation, common medications can be potentially deadly. To order an PrIMe™ MDR1 test ($70) for a cat or dog, simply create an account or log in if you already have an account. DNA required for MDR1 testing can be obtained either through a cheek swab or blood sample from your pet.

When ordering a test:

  • Pet owners who choose to submit a sample using a cheek swab will receive two cheek swab brushes for DNA collection and a sample submission form in their test kit. For blood samples, you will not receive a test kit, as your veterinarian will have all the needed supplies on hand for collecting the blood sample.
  • Veterinary clinics and hospitals can submit either blood (2 mL of whole blood in a purple top / EDTA tube) or DNA collection brush samples. When you place an order, simply print out the submission form and include it with the sample.

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